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Be Good to Yourself

Hey there! Are you one of those individuals who think taking time for yourself is selfish? Well you are not alone. The majority of us do. We are so busy saying YES to everyone else we forget to say YES to ourselves.

Do you have things you want to accomplish but never have the time for?

Are you struggling to juggle it all?

Who has ever felt guilty about taking a break, skipping on the cleaning, said no to a dinner date because you’re too exhausted just from the everyday noise? Sound familiar?

A lot of times our biggest challenge to taking care of ourselves is setting aside time for it because we're always saying YES to everyone else!

I get it! This is something I struggle with at times myself. It’s not really about time management but more about setting boundaries and learning to honor our own personal YES and No list.

We have to be able to set clear boundaries in order to really take care of ourselves. Let’s face it. You cannot be a true blessing to others unless you take care of yourself first. You want to give the best version of yourself you can possibly offer.

Self-care is sometimes viewed as selfish and lazy. This mind set definitely contributes to the feeling of guilt for thinking we need to take a break from our lives in order to do something that makes us feel better. If we go through life ignoring our needs there will be unwanted side effects. Decreased immune system, worsened conditions, relationship stress—plus the emotional craziness that comes from never taking a break.

I put together of list of some things that will help start the path to taking care of YOU.

  1. Make a priorities list. List 5 priorities and plan your calendar around what is on the list. If it’s something that does not support your priorities put it on the back burner. Don't forgot to make YOU a priority.

  2. Start your day with things that will go well for you.

  3. Meditate. Take time to focus on yourself a few times a week with mindful meditation. Find a quiet spot away from the noise and chaos, make it comfortable, diffuse for emotional support and relaxation. If you can't commit to a more lengthy meditation do some mini-meditation sessions with one minute of awareness of your thoughts and feelings; one minute of mindful breathing; and one minute of total body awareness. Be still. Sit somewhere peaceful, and be quiet for a few minutes. It's as simple as practicing deep breathing with a calming scent in your diffuser, quieting your mind and becoming aware of yourself.

  4. Journal and check in with your emotions.

  5. Unplug. Lie on your back, and relax without electronics or t.v. Watch fish, clouds, or people.

  6. Schedule play time. Schedule in five minutes of “play” (non-directed activity) several times throughout your day.

  7. Be deliberate about your choices. I am choosing to eat half my meal when I eat out today.

  8. Get moving. Run, walk, stairs or dancing. Stretch out the kinks.

  9. Feed your body nourishing food. Pick two healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and rotate for the week.

  10. Hydrate. Drink an extra glass of water each day, or have an extra veggies each meal.

  11. Indulge. Pick something from your wardrobe that feels great next to your skin.

  12. Get outside. Feel the sun on your face. The sun can do a lot for us.

  13. Inhale an upbeat smell. My favorite is still peppermint and wild orange.

  14. Laugh everyday.

  15. Chuck your judgement and self limiting fears.

  16. Be Grateful and kind. Do something for someone else. Carry a bag, open a door, or pick up an extra carton of milk for a neighbor.

  17. Surround yourself with people who lift you up instead of bring you down. Hang out with people who give off enthusiasm and positivity, and not people who drain on you emotionally with their pessimism and negativity.

  18. Remove negativity from your life. Go through your social media, and take out any negative people or postings.

By making some of these things part of your weekly/daily routine you’ll become more connected with yourself and everyone around you. In order to succeed you need to make sustainable changes. Remember you can’t be the best version of yourself for you or your loved ones if you are not placed as a priority your priority list.

When you start taking care of yourself you will find much pleasure in the small things in life, and the things that seemed too large and scary won’t so much anymore.

If you’ve had enough and you are ready to start really taking care of yourself, then click here now to schedule a time to talk with me about ways to be good to yourself today.

I will help you come up with easy ways to schedule self-care into your daily calendar!

To your health,


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