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Surviving the Holidays

The holiday season can impact our health in a big way. Here are some tips and tricks to get you through the holidays without packing on the few extra pounds that a lot of us tend to do.

  1. NO SKIPPING MEALS: Don't 'save up' your calories and skip meals in preparation of a big holiday feast. This will definitely lead you to overeating and making poor food choices. Instead, eat small meals and snacks during the day even when you have a party on the calendar that day. This will keep your blood sugar stable, and fatigue at bay. No 'HANGRY' moments for you.

  2. KEEP IT SIMPLE: Skip the unnecessary ingredients when you are cooking or baking. You do not need a lot of extras to make dishes taste great. Instead of loading up on the sugar try to incorporate extra spices. Also, focus on produce platters instead of heavy appetizers. Instead of high-fat dressings, drizzle your greens with balsamic vinegar or a squeeze of lemon. I have fallen in love with the oil and vinegar shops you see popping up around. You can find a ton of different flavors to satisfy any dish. My favorite combo right now is a Tuscan herb olive oil and a white peach vinegar.

  3. KEEP HYDRATED: It's really easy to rack up the calories just by drinking alcoholic beverages and sodas . Minimize the amount of calories by limiting the wine or juice and brewing up some flavored unsweetened teas, fruit infused water or seltzer.

  4. DESSERT, DESSERT, DESSERT: Everyone likes a sweet treat, especially this time of year. Don’t deny yourself dessert just because you’re eating clean. You can 'clean up' dessert recipes just by switching out a few of the ingredients.

  5. PLAN AHEAD: Going to the mall make sure to eat first or pack healthy snacks.

  6. DON'T SKIP THE WORKOUTS: If your having trouble fitting in your daily exercise routine, do a few 10- or 15-minute bits of exercise throughout the day and if you work a sedentary job be sure to stand most of the day. These tactics can be just as effective as your regular workout routine.

  7. DITCH THE SCALE: Don't obsess over what the scale reads. Focus on your how you eat and move and not the number flashing before your eyes. If you're curious slip into some slim fitting pants once a week to keep tabs on yourself.

To your health!


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