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Organic Foods: Not Just for Health Nuts

Tiffany here... ever wonder why eating organic is such a big deal?

Limited Exposure!

But first, why am I talking about eating organic to limit exposure?

Great question with a simple answer! Organic food isn’t just for the health nuts.

Organic foods are produced without the use of pesticides, or herbicides, and are unaltered which means they are not genetically modified plants (non GMO).

The loud voiced, devil’s advocate dismisses organic food as nothing more than a lifestyle choice for the obsessed health nuts. Organic food isn’t new. All food we ate was organically produced until maybe the 1950s.

Think about it. Why would any sane person want to knowingly feed themselves or their families toxins?? Why go through all the work of trying to be healthy and not truly eat clean.

You can read all about what the government thinks is a safe limit. We are hit with so many different toxins supplied to us from our environment around us. When we are hit from all sides is there really a safe limit?

Which organic foods should I buy?

Many experts recommend eating organic produce, meats, dairy, and eggs whenever possible. Organic baby food is a good idea, too – buy it at the grocery store or make your own from organic foods.

For produce, at least, buy according to the Clean 15 (least likely to harbor pesticide residues) and the Dirty Dozen (most likely to be contaminated with toxins). These references are a great way to start especially if you think you can't afford to buy organic.

2017 Clean 15 List

  1. Sweet corn

  2. Avocados

  3. Pineapples

  4. Cabbage

  5. Onions

  6. Frozen sweet peas

  7. Papayas

  8. Asparagus

  9. Mangoes

  10. Eggplant

  11. Honeydew melon

  12. Kiwi

  13. Cantaloupe

  14. Cauliflower

  15. Grapefruit

2017 Dirty Dozen List

  1. Strawberries

  2. Spinach

  3. Nectarines

  4. Apples

  5. Peaches

  6. Pears

  7. Cherries

  8. Grapes

  9. Celery

  10. Tomatoes

  11. Sweet bell peppers

  12. Potatoes

It’s time for you to pay attention to how you eat especially if you answer “YES” to any of these questions:

  • You get bloated after eating

  • You want to learn to enjoy healthy food

  • You feel bloated easily

  • You gain weight easily

  • You crave sugar or starchy foods

  • You have difficulty focusing or foggy brain

  • You feel lethargic after eating

  • You have allergies or hay fever

  • You feel addicted to eating foods that aren’t healthy for you but you can’t stop

  • You tend to gain weight easily, especially in your belly

  • You have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise

What do I do now?

In my health coaching practice, I help clients clean out their refrigerators, and pantry's, to create meal plans and shopping lists. We may even take a trip through the grocery store. Then I lead them through a step-by-step process to learn how to eat mindfully and to learn what to eat for their unique body type.

If you answered “YES” to any of the symptoms above, then click here now to schedule a time to talk with me about how you can learn to eat mindfully.

I’ll help you understand what’s blocking you from eating healthy and I’ll show you how to get started.

To your health!



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