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Stop Self Sabotaging

A lot of us have gotten ourselves off track or taken time off from the path to achieving our goals and what we want. Myself included.

I have recently, over the last several months, taken a break from my regular routine that involved a daily workout; usually in the late afternoon. I found that it was difficult to find time to work out. Other things gaining priority. I had a valid excuse last year, but now there is nothing standing in my way except for myself. have been cheating myself out of something great for my mind, body, and spirit.

So, I’ve been there, you’ve been, we all have been there. I think at some point, everyone has gotten in their own way before. Maybe you started buying into those self-limiting beliefs. For example, I can't pursue my dreams because I may fail, I can’t trust people because I’ve been hurt before, I can’t say what I think because I may be judged, I can't eat clean because it's too expensive, or I can't get the job I want because my degree is in something else.

Once you come to terms with the fact you are standing in your own way, don't beat yourself up about it for very long. Take your two minutes to rant and then get back on your journey. Beating yourself up doesn’t serve you in anyway.

Start waking up every morning and living every day as if it is a new start. Get out of bed and start moving toward your goal. Don’t look at your end goal as this huge mountain to climb. Instead see it as a bunch of small steps. When we break our goals down it is a whole lot more manageable, so when we get derailed getting back on track doesn’t seem so difficult.

So for myself, I plan my workouts just like I plan my meals. I picked the date I wanted to start my workout routine and I'll be sticking to it. I make sure to plan my calendar around my workouts in order to stay on track. You need to make sure to plan for success. Anything can be an excuse, so don't let it.

As you travel down your path don't forget to share your story with others. Tell them about your accomplishments and your challenges. You just may be their inspiration for change.

So, bottom line, don't make it difficult for yourself. Plan for your success and don't waste time beating yourself up if you fall off track.

To Your Health,


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